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Eve Peng, Coach


Eve Peng, a Coach at Riser+Tread, is a dedicated mental health counseling student pursuing her master's degree at Boston College, complementing her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Utah. With proficiency in Mandarin and  English, Eve brings a wealth of experience working with diverse populations, specifically children and cross-cultural groups, where she focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills and self-confidence, through a commitment to helping diverse populations and promoting mental health.


At Riser+Tread, Eve focuses on administering assessments, as well as 1:1 coaching and mental health support. As a mental Health Counseling student, she will continue to increase her clinical skills in a variety of mental health areas and evidenced based practices. She also offers personalized tutoring sessions, by integrating her clinical acumen, educational expertise, and cultural sensitivity. Committed to promoting mental health within diverse contexts,  Eve's professional trajectory aligns with her unwavering dedication to uplifting the well-being of varied populations.


In her personal life, Eve relishes spending quality time with family and friends. During her leisure moments, she indulges in exploring new culinary creations, enjoying playful moments with her feline companion, and occasionally treating herself to a day of self-care, including nail sessions.

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