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Dr. Antonio Romero, Psychologist

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Dr. Antonio Romero is a bilingual, clinical psychologist for Neuro-psychological + Neuro-developmental Testing at Riser+Tread, evaluating children for a variety of developmental and psychiatric disorders, such as ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and depression/anxiety.  


Antonio believes that assessment can offer a variety of benefits to children and families.

By using a culturally competent lens, testing can help identify educational goals, provide diagnostic clarity, and create plans to help support areas of relative strength and weakness. Furthermore, the results of an assessment can provide strategies to help a student perform at their optimal level. People learn in all different ways and identifying these profiles early on can help families effectively tailor an education plan to their child’s unique learning needs.


Prior to joining Riser+Tread, Dr. Romero was a School Psychologist for Chelsea Public Schools and Lynn Public Schools, where he completed psycho-educational evaluations for students in kindergarten through high school. He attended Individualized Educational plan (IEP) meetings to discuss his findings with the school staff and parents, and consulted with parents to better understand their needs and develop trust and rapport. In addition to his work within public schools, Dr. Romero interned and worked at Wediko Children’s Services in Boston. In his pre-doctoral internship, Dr. Romero served as a school-based therapist for elementary through high school aged children. He specialized in trauma-informed care utilizing the Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework.


Dr. Romero was raised in an immigrant community, where he was exposed to the hardships and resilience of an admirable yet underserved population. At an early age, Dr. Romero saw the challenges and stressors his community faced, which inspired his journey into the world of human services. In addition, his passion of martial arts has been a great influence to his journey into psychology. Dr. Romero has been able to gain a better understanding of the connection of the mind and body by entering the world of mental health and psychology.

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