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Bryan McDermott, Coach


Bryan McDermott is a Coach at Riser+Tread, currently in his second year of the Masters of Social Work (MSW) program at Salem State University. Bryan completed his bachelors in history at University of Massachusetts Amherst. After finishing his degree and working for several years, he decided to pursue work in the psych field due to wanting to help create positive change in the lives of others.


Bryan began working at McLean Hospital on an inpatient unit that specialized in treating people experiencing acute depression and anxiety. After working full-time for a year, he decided to broaden his horizons at McLean and he began working as a float mental health specialist, providing him with the opportunity to work with different populations throughout the hospital. Bryan currently works in both inpatient and residential settings at McLean Hospital.


At Riser+Tread, Bryan provides support and coaching to young people trying to navigate their mental health and overall well-being. He promotes a non-judgmental environment for clients so they can feel comfortable opening up and receiving support.  


Bryan is passionate about playing guitar, listening to music, reading, spending time outdoors, and playing board/video games.  

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