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Dan Ockene, LICSW


Dan Ockene, LICSW, graduated with an MSW in Child, Youth, and Families from Boston College, a M.Ed in Special Education from Lesley University, and a B.A in Criminal Justice from Curry College. 


In conjunction with Riser+Tread, Dan works as a licensed school adjustment counselor at a local south shore public high school, where he leads therapeutic groups, individual counseling, case management, and works closely with community resources. He has also worked for the Justice Resource Institute as an In-Home-Therapist, providing therapy and home services to adolescents and families in need of guidance and navigation through family systems and barriers. 


Before becoming a therapist, Dan was a basketball coach and paraprofessional at a local Tri-Valley High school, as well as teaching a year of math at a Charter High School in Boston.  While in education, he saw the need for further social emotional support amongst students and the high-stress environment that many students face. He developed a strong passion to help adolescents through life struggles, guide their goals, and achieve their definition of success. 


Dan focuses on using a blend of Therapy+Coaching in his work. He has experience working with depression, anger, anxiety, ADHD, IEP’s, Social Emotional Disabilities (and school behavior), self-esteem, autism, and adjustment disorders. Dan also uses a mix of therapeutic interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Group Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy. 

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