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Dr. Leanne Osgood,



Dr. Leanne Osgood is a licensed clinical psychologist for Neuropsychological + Neurodevelopmental Testing at Riser+Tread, evaluating children for a variety of developmental and psychiatric disorders, such as ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and depression/anxiety.  


Dr. Osgood believes that assessment can offer a variety of benefits to children and families, such as identifying educational goals, providing diagnostic clarity, and creating plans to help support areas of relative strength/weakness and develop strategies to maximize a student’s potential. People learn in all different ways and identifying these profiles early on can help families effectively tailor an education plan to their child’s unique learning needs.  


Prior to joining Riser+Tread, Dr. Osgood was an assessment specialist at Wediko Children’s Services in Boston where she completed evaluations for children within Boston Public Schools and charter schools within the Greater Boston Area. In addition to assessment, Dr. Osgood served as a school-based therapist for elementary through high school aged children. She specialized in trauma-informed care utilizing the Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework as well as TraumaPlay. She also co-facilitated groups for mothers focusing on intergenerational trauma utilizing the ARC framework. 

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