ADHD in 8 

Sports Performance+Recovery

Youth Mentoring


While our expertise is in working with young guys ages 9-25, we have worked with clients across the age/gender spectrum. Our approach is a hybrid of therapy+coaching, goal-oriented and solutions-focused

Typical outpatient “sounding board” therapy is not enough to help the struggles associated with ADHD.  Our eight-section program uses structure, pace, and strategies that combine to Turn Deficit into DRIVE.

The Sports Performance + Recovery program aims to develop 4 pillars of strength: Cultivating Confidence, Performance Mentality, Direction, and Recovery.

Our youth mentoring program is a great way for clients to stay active and get an added level of support in the community.  Through individual and small-group (pods) mentoring, clients stay connected, get out of their homes, and process important challenges they face.