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  • Jotham Busfield, LICSW

The Mission Behind The Grim Drive Podcast

On the scale of a year, 2020 certainly put total health front and center across the globe. Physical health concerns from a pandemic-level virus will do that. The mental health impact of this year has also been significant, with depression and anxiety levels rising, and overdose deaths hitting the highest one year mark in the United States, ever. Learning how to open up about mental health has never been more important.

Guys typically aren’t the best at opening up. Collectively, that is getting better as the stigma around mental health continues to be reduced. But there is more work to be done to expedite this trend. Far too often, we still see guys only willing to talk as a last resort, usually when they have hit some form of rock bottom.

While opening up at ANY point is commendable, we need to teach guys about mental health much sooner, so they are more and more willing to get help earlier on in the process. The deeper the mental health ditch, the harder it is to climb out, Step Up + Move Forward.

Therapy is most effective when a person feels VALIDATED and understood, while also LEARNING about mental health. We often use metaphors in our work to help translate mental health jargon into terms that are more relatable. Sports are one of the main ways we tend to do this, which is what led to the creation of The Grim Drive Podcast, where we explore mental health through the lens of professional sports and athletes.

Listening to a podcast episode about Kevin Love’s experience with anxiety and how to overcome this issue, is far easier for many than skipping right to the point of admitting they are struggling with something similar. A podcast episode is a great first step; Approachable, private, free, and helps to identify what a person may be going through, as well as how to improve and feel better. We hope that LEARNING through this podcast, while feeling VALIDATED to know even professional athletes struggle with mental health, will give listeners the boost they need to Step Up + Move Forward by opening up themselves.

You can access The Grim Drive Podcast here:



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