Samuel Black, LICSW


Samuel Black, MS, LCSW brings years of experience in working with children and families to Riser+Tread. He started his academic career with a Bachelor's in anthropology from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania followed by a Master's in Biomedical Anthropology from Binghamton University. This view on the intersection between behavioral and public health allowed him to move into work with the criminal justice system. He worked with incarcerated individuals, teaching reintegration classes, which effectively reduced rates of recidivism in a pilot program in Pittsburgh. This program was eventually adopted and implemented nationwide by other detention centers.


Seeing the life long impacts of childhood instability, system failures, and lack of mental health supports, Samuel made a quick transition into the world of child welfare, working directly with the Department for Children and Families in the states of Massachusetts and Vermont. He moved from direct social work to the development and training of trauma-informed curricula in conjunction with the University of Vermont, where he was a Child Welfare Specialist. He offered trauma-informed parental trainings, case management, and direct social work that was used statewide with foster/adoptive parents, mental health professionals, and The Department for Children and Families. He also participated in statewide workgroups that informed policy changes and standards of care.


Further identifying the need for quality mental health care for children, adolescents, and their families, Samuel obtained a Master's of Social Work from the Catholic University of America, with a clinical focus. With this additional lens, Samuel worked as a child and adolescent therapist with the Brattleboro Retreat. In his continued work with the state and clinical engagement, Samuel gained expertise in best practices for working with LGBTQ+ individuals, identity development, and the complex systems in which this community participates. Following his relocation to the Boston area, he has used this knowledge and experience in the high acuity world of inpatient psychiatry at Boston Children's Hospital. Samuel brings this foundation of knowledge to Riser+Tread, applying a strengths-based approach and empirically-based modalities to outpatient work. He hopes to support youth and their caregivers during a difficult time of transition, identity exploration, and the ever-growing complexities that are involved in daily life.