Mavric Dayao,

Client Support

Mavric Dayao.png

Mav Dayao is a Client Support Specialist at Riser+Tread.  Whether it is helping to coordinate scheduling for new clients, supporting the team, or using her skills and creativity to help the overall mission of the company, Mav is an integral member of Riser+Tread.


Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2017, she began working as a project assistant for a Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on reducing poverty and malnutrition in rural parts of the Philippines after graduating. She also provided remote assistance to high-level executives in the United States and Australia.


Mav spends her free time at the gym or at home when she is not at work. She is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys giving free advice and recommendations to those she meets at the gym who are taking their initial steps toward achieving their body and health goals.