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Joel Berger, LMHC


Joel Berger, LMHC, earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Emmanuel College in Psychology with a concentration in counseling and health. He earned his Master’s degree from Lesley University and specialized in trauma studies. 


Prior to joining Riser and Tread, Joel worked as a Clinical Lead at Eliot Community Human Services. Joel supervised a team of registered nurses and care managers who were responsible for all aspects of care coordination for hospitalized clients in the Behavioral Health Community Partners program. Prior to that role, he worked as a care manager in the Behavioral Health Community Partners program, where he managed mental healthcare services for 80 clients. While working as a care manager, he worked in the Emergency Services Program at Eliot simultaneously, doing crisis evaluations in various hospitals and the community. He completed two clinical internships in graduate school, the first working with youth in underserved communities at a company named Community Services Institute. He also worked as an intern at Riverside Community Care, as an outpatient clinician.


Joel’s clinical skills include utilizing evidenced based practices, such as Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). At the heart of Joel’s counseling orientation is a person-centered approach, which allows him to get a deep understanding of the mental health challenges faced by each person. Between these three modalities and the overlap of coaching, Joel helps his clients clearly identify their goals and implement concrete tools and strategies to achieve them. 

Joel is also a former NCAA student athlete and enjoys going to the gym, reading, and spending time with his wife and dog.

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