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In order to ensure the safety of all clinicians and clients utilizing our office spaces, we are implementing specific office procedures that cover the following areas: 

          - Social Distancing

          - Hygiene Protocols

          - Staffing and Operations

          - Cleaning and Disinfecting

The office procedures have been sent out to each clinician and will be posted at the entrance of each office location.  Additionally, there are links below to several helpful State of Massachusetts documents.  Our information and procedures will be updated as the State of Massachusetts moves through the four-phase process outlined by Governor Charlie Baker on May 18th, 2020.

We ask that all clients attending appointments at our office locations to follow the guidelines posted at each location.  Additionally, we kindly ask:

Please come in at your exact appointment time to avoid groups of people in the waiting area

   *At the Newton office location, enter through left exterior door “G”and exit through right exterior door “H”

- Please bring in your own water bottle to use; Do not allow the water bottle to make contact with the water dispenser 

- Face masks are only required by all *if social distancing cannot be maintained, as long as the State of MA is in Phase 1. Office locations will have furniture moved and markings on the ground added to identify appropriate social distancing so that it can be maintained at all times, even in sessions

- Any person who has recently been sick, had a fever, or been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 can not

attend in-person office sessions until they have been quarantined for 14 days and/or have tested negative for Covid-19

- If you feel sick at all, please stay home and/or ask for a video session 

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